Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My loves

I haven't had the chance to post in awhile, been very busy.....fall clean up & preparing for another show! I thought I'd quick share our kids with you all before I get back to work :)

This an older pic of Hubby & I, but, I love it!! He's a nut lol

This is our gorgous 3 yr old German Shepherd Madelynn & our 2 yr old Basset Gracie :) These 2 are inseperable & until the addition of Benny, they were the gruesome twosome LOL Now Ben helps get into trouble, so they are now the 3 amigos ;)

Grace again, with my baby Hannah. She will be 12 in Feb! She acts like a puppy though :D

This is Benny, the sweetest most loving boy :)

Hannah again, 1 of my FAV pics of her :)

Madelynn & Hannah :)

Potter & Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea was a kitten there but she's over a yr old now :)

Potter AKA Diablo LOL He's my 1st cat ( I'm a DOG LOVER! ) He was 6 in June.

LOL this is another altime FAV! They know exactly when their Dad should be home!! Madelynn Grace & Hannah waitin on Daddy :)

Thanks for looking @ our babies :) We also have the 3 lil kittens, you can see them in the older posts.

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